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you looked inside me and you saw hatred. that’s not victory.

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"It’s mildly breezy outside."

'Woman has legs'.
I fucking love this.

This is one of my favourite things

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Reblog if Chris Evans boobs are better than yours

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Hereford girl carried on shoulders of Prince Harry

Five year-old Isabelle was given a ride on the shoulders of the Queen’s grandson last night during the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The moment capped a wonderful weekend for the family after Isabelle’s father, Adam Nixon, captained the United Kingdom’s wheelchair basketball team to Gold during the inaugural Games which gave injured servicemen and women from across the world the chance to participate in a variety of sports.

"It was very surreal," said Mr Nixon.

"Prince Harry had given Isabelle a hug earlier in the evening.

"Later on she saw him again and ran over to him. He recognised her, picked her up and put her on his shoulders."

Isabelle’s mum, Taryn Nixon, said her daughter thinks she is now a princess after being taken under the Prince’s wing.

The night ended a memorable few days for Mr Nixon who oversaw a UK victory over the USA to win wheelchair Gold.

"It was phenomenal," he said.

"It superseded all expectations."

I can totally understand that kid. :)

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  B E S T   O U T F I T S | Scarlett Johansson

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Maja Wrońska

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An Imperial Affliction

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I’m an introvert and I’d like you TO FINALLY ACCEPT IT!

I love my family and I love my friends. But they don’t understand that sometimes I want nothing more than to be alone. And not talk to anyone.

I dont ask many questions about your lives cause I feel like its not my place to ask some stuff. Understand me. Please. Its stronger than me, I want to ask but a tiny voice in my head just stops me and plays possibilities in my head where you won’t answer and I’ll end up looking stupid. 

I dont like to be hugged. Actually I hate it. When people hug me I feel like they are grabbing me and won’t let go. So please don’t make me. 

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Europe according to Armenia

More stereotype maps »

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I legitimately can’t tell the difference

this is actually so rude and like super gross? like okay i get it hes not the cutest but like why would you compare him to benedict cumberbatch?

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